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Pricing Information

Roseco is a wholesale supply company with precious metals products that are priced based on the metal markets, which fluctuate daily. We offer quantity discounts on many of our products.

Pricing, Taxes, and Ship Fees

Tools, equipment, and supplies are listed at your cost. Sales tax will be charged for Texas customers on most tools, equipment, and supplies since you are generally the end user. We assume such items are not purchased with the intent for resale. If you wish to claim tax exemption on certain items, we will require a Texas Tax Exempt Form on file. We do not charge sales tax for out-of-state (non-Texas) customers.

Precious metals items are listed at your cost (wholesale), and you must be logged into a full access account to view pricing and to purchase.

Metal Market Chart
Metal Market
Gold $2343.70
Silver $31.15
Platinum $1050.00
Palladium $977.00
Updated: 05/24/2024

The metals chart shown here will reflect when prices were updated. Your actual billing will be based on the metal markets on the day the order is invoiced. Prices online should be viewed as estimates only.

Prices on precious metals items shown online are based on the today's metal markets (updated daily around 9:30am and 1:30pm Central Time). Prices of precious metal items will fluctuate daily with their respective market. We use the second London gold fix, Johnson Matthey's 950/Ru platinum market, second London palladium fix, and the London silver fix. We impose a minimum floor of $265 an ounce on the gold market.

Online prices listed for items sold by weight (e.g. wire, sheet, polished ring mountings, bracelets, etc.) are approximate based on average weight. Your actual cost will be based on the exact weight shipped.

Certain items shown in our online store are available as a made-to-order or special order only. Due to fluctuating manufacturing costs and times, you must contact Roseco customer service for price quotes, estimated shipping times, and to place an order.

Any regularly stocked item that is currently out-of-stock will be put on backorder, unless you specify otherwise in the order notes. We can call to inform you if any item in your order is out-of-stock.

Separate shipping charges will apply to backorders or special orders. Backorders and special orders will be billed on the date of shipment (not on date of order). Please contact Roseco with any questions.

Quantity Discounts

Most items offer quantity discounts. Any products offering quantity discounts will have a "Quantity Discounts" tab that shows the discount percentage chart for that particular item.

Each product SKU number will also show a discount price chart for reference. Please keep in mind that the prices are not shown in real-time and should only be viewed as estimates.

Certain product series offer mixable quantity discounts to make it easier to achieve the price breaks. For example, you can mix different sizes within a metal a in particular product series. Some products will even allow you to mix 14kt gold metals (e.g., 14kt white, 14kt yellow) with each other. The quantity discount tab description will include details on if and how items can be mixed.

For example, the series RFR setting has a 3% discount (mixable) if you order at least 6 pieces. You can order 6 pieces of the exact same metal and size, or you can order the following to get that 3% discount: 3 pieces 6.5mm 14kt white, 2 pieces 3.0mm 14kt yellow, 1 piece 4.0mm 14kt yellow.

Quick-Pay Discount

For orders over $250 (before taxes and shipping), you can save an additional 7% off if paid net 10 days, C.O.D. or Zelle®. Get an additional 4% off if paid by credit card.

This quick-pay discount is in addition to any sales discounts or quantity discounts!

Past-due accounts are not eligible for the quick-pay discount.

If you place multiple orders within the same business day by 4:00pm Central Time, we will try to combine the orders into one order. If that combined order is over $250, it qualifies for the quick-pay discount as long as your account is not past due.

Each item that is eligible for a quick-pay discount will show the discounted prices in the price chart as reference. Also, the cart order total page may show a quick-pay discount savings chart if the order qualifies. Please keep in mind that the prices are not shown in real-time and should only be viewed as estimates.

Restrictions Note: You must purchase at least $250 worth of each of the following items for them to be eligible for a quick-pay discount: melee diamonds, 24KT gold casting grain, platinum casting grain. Therefore, these items will be invoiced separately.