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About Us

Roseco Building

In the late 1970's, Robert Rose worked as a sales representative for a large jewelry manufacturer, traveling Texas and Oklahoma. His primary customer base was independent retail jewelry stores in small to mid-sized towns. Because large discount centers and department stores were getting into the jewelry business in a big way, many of the independent stores were hiring jewelry repairmen and setting up their own shops. This enabled them to provide a service that the major chains could not — a competitive edge, so to speak.

Robert Rose soon learned that his customers, to whom he was trying to sell finished jewelry, really needed supplies of findings, tools, and equipment. This was an opportunity that Mr. Rose could not pass up. After studying the market for several months, Mr. Rose purchased Roseco's initial inventory with every dime he could scrape together. He loaded up the trunk of his car and took off down the highway. The second week of June 1979, Roseco's first week of business, sales totaled $5000.

Roseco was incorporated in 1979. We specialize in overnight service to fine jewelers in the United States. Our massive 700-page catalog features over 20,000 items with many readily kept in stock for immediate shipping. We take great pride in the fact that 99.2% of all items are shipped on the day of order. Fantastic service, fine quality products, and great prices have made Roseco a leading resource to the jewelry trade for over 35 years.

Today, Roseco provides the industry with jewelry findings and mountings, chain, diamond melee, precious and semi-precious natural and synthetic loose stones, wires and solders, bead stringing goods, components and parts for just about every jewelry need including tools, equipment, supplies and accessories.