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Renata Silver Oxide Watch Batteries

Product Description

These Renata® silver-oxide (non-lithium) batteries are now mercury-free and are available in many sizes. These batteries are priced and sold per battery but come in 10-piece multi-pack strips.

These popular Swiss-made batteries feature a sophisticated, leakproof sealing process and optimized volume capacity for long shelf-life and performance. All batteries undergo unsurpassed quality control at all levels from incoming raw material inspection to factory-controlled packaging to ensure the best and most consistent quality possible.

All mercury-free Renata® silver oxide batteries have a 2-digit "born on" date printed on the battery cell. The first digit is the production year. The second digit is the month. For October, November, and December, Renata® uses 0, Y and Z. For example, a cell marked 31 indicates a mercury-free battery produced in January of 2013.

Renata Batteries Details Chart
301 1.55v 130 mAh 11.6mm × 4.2mm low SR43SW
303 1.55v 175mAh 11.6mm × 5.4mm low SR44SW
309 1.55v 80 mAh 7.9mm × 5.4mm low SR754SW
315 1.55v 19 mAh 7.9mm × 1.6mm low SR716SW
317 1.55v 10.5 mAh 5.8mm × 1.6mm low SR516SW
319 1.55v 21 mAh 5.8mm × 2.7mm low SR527SW
321 1.55v 14.5 mAh 6.8mm × 1.6mm low SR616SW
329 1.55v 37 mAh 7.9mm × 3.1mm low SR731SW
335 1.55v 6 mAh 5.8mm × 1.2mm low SR512SW
337 1.55v 8 mAh 4.8mm × 1.6mm low SR416SW
339 1.55v 11 mAh 6.8mm × 1.4mm low SR614SW
341 1.55v 15 mAh 7.9mm × 1.4mm low SR714SW
344 1.55v 105 mAh 11.6mm × 3.6mm low SR1136SW
346 1.55v 9.5 mAh 7.9mm × 1.2mm low SR712SW
350 1.55v 105 mAh 11.6mm × 3.6mm high SR1136W
357 1.55v 160 mAh 11.6mm × 5.4mm high SR44W
361 1.55v 24 mAh 7.9mm × 2.1mm high SR721W
362 1.55v 24 mAh 7.9mm × 2.1mm low SR721SW
364 1.55v 20 mAh 6.8mm × 2.1mm low SR621SW
365 1.55v 47 mAh 11.6mm × 1.6mm high SR1116W
366 1.55v 47 mAh 11.6mm × 1.6mm low SR1116SW
370 1.55v 40 mAh 9.5mm × 2.1mm high SR920W
371 1.55v 40 mAh 9.5mm × 2.0mm low SR920SW
373 1.55v 29 mAh 9.5mm × 1.6mm low SR916SW
376 1.55v 27 mAh 6.8mm × 2.6mm high SR626W
377 1.55v 24 mAh 6.8mm × 2.6mm low SR626SW
379 1.55v 16 mAh 5.8mm × 2.1mm low SR521SW
380 1.55v 82 mAh 9.5mm × 3.6mm high SR936W
381 1.55v 50 mAh 11.6mm × 2.1mm low SR1120SW
384 1.55v 45 mAh 7.9mm × 3.6mm low SR41SW
386 1.55v 130 mAh 11.6mm × 4.2mm high SR43W
387S 1.55v 84 mAh 11.6mm × 3.6mm low SR936SWS
389 1.55v 80 mAh 11.6mm × 3.1mm high SR1130W
390 1.55v 60 mAh 11.6mm × 3.1mm low SR1130SW
391 1.55v 50 mAh 11.6mm × 2.1mm high SR1120W
392 1.55v 45 mAh 7.9mm × 3.6mm high SR41W
393 1.55v 80 mAh 7.9mm × 5.4mm high SR754W
394 1.55v 84 mAh 9.5mm × 3.6mm low SR936SW
395 1.55v 55 mAh 9.5mm × 2.7mm low SR927SW
396 1.55v 32 mAh 7.9mm × 2.6mm high SR726W
397 1.55v 32 mAh 7.9mm × 2.6mm low SR726SW
399 1.55v 55 mAh 9.5mm × 2.7mm high SR927W

All measurements are close approximations only and can vary slightly.

Product Catalog Page

This product can be found in the Roseco Catalog XII book on:

  • Page 651

Note: Certain items shown may have been discontinued, and prices listed may have changed since the catalog's printing. Please use this online store, or call customer service for more up-to-date information.

Product Quantity Discounts

Item Quantity Discounts Chart
Quantity Discount
100+ 5%
300+ 7%
500+ 10%

The chart seen here displays the quantity discounts offered for this product.

You can mix battery sizes within this series to achieve quantity discounts.

Mixable discounts will be calculated on the shopping cart page only.

Note: Any current sales prices will override the quantity discounts.

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