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GemOro UltraTester 3+ and UltraDock

GemOro UltraTester 3+ and UltraDock

Product Description

This GemOro® UltraTester 3® tests for diamond, moissanite, and even indicates white sapphires, using state-of-the-art ULTRA digital electronics and increased testing sensitivity. It is capable of identifying the widest range of the electrically conductive moissanite material available, including the new super low electrically conductive F1 moissanite.

The durable, ergonomic, angled probe tip is retractable and glows different colors to indicate diamonds (green), moissanite (blue), or metal warning (red). There are also beep tones to provide audible and visual diamond, moissanite, and white sapphire indication.

The tester features a sleeker, more ergonomic design with superior rubberized grip, fast warm-up time, bright white LED stone illuminator light, exclusive metal warning beep tone indicator, and battery-saving auto sleep mode function.

The unit is uses three AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries (included) and comes with an AC adapter/charger, loose stone holder, storage case, and limited lifetime factory warranty.

This tester also comes with the optional GemOro® UltraDock® battery charging stand, so that the unit is always within reach, fully charged at all times, and ready for use.

Note: Gemstone and probe tip must be clean, dry, and room temperature before testing. Roseco is not responsible for direct or indirect damage sustained, or errors in readings by these test instruments.

Note: This item is discontinued. Available while supplies last (no returns).

General Usage Tips:
  • Before using the tester for the first time, charge it overnight.
  • Keep both feet firmly on the floor to help ground the tester.
  • Always wipe stone surface with a clean microfiber cloth (not polishing cloth) to remove any dirt, grime, or oil residue before each test.
  • Always wipe the probe tip across a blank sheet of printer paper (non-waxy) to clean it before each test.
  • Loose stones must be placed in the stone tray with the other hand touching the side of the stone tray to help ground the tester.
  • Do not test jewelry items still stored in a box, display tray, etc. Always hold the piece in your hand to help ground the tester.

Product Catalog Page

This product can be found in the Roseco Catalog XII book on:

  • Page 619

Note: Certain items shown may have been discontinued, and prices listed may have changed since the catalog's printing. Please use this online store, or call customer service for more up-to-date information.

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