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The Little Torch 5-Tip Propane Kit

The Little Torch 5-Tip Propane Kit

Product Description

The Little Torch™ kit comes with a torch handpiece, five tips (sizes 3 to 7), oxygen and propane regulators, two durable 8-foot hoses (red for fuel gas and green for oxygen) with B-style connections, and a 1-year factory warranty.

The brass and steel precision-machined regulators have both volume and pressure gauges, so they can be attached directly to 5-pound or larger propane and oxygen tanks. This set can accommodate a larger melting tip (sold separately) and can be converted for use with compressed air.

This miniature welding torch easily maneuvers in areas that are impossible to reach with conventional torches. It produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame that is hot enough to melt metals, glass, and ceramics with thread thin flames up to 6,300°F (3,482°C).

This torch uses propane with color-coded oxygen and fuel gas lines and valves to help prevent errors. It can weld an unlimited range of materials, brazes, solders, and the tiniest elements with ease.

Shipping weight is 8 pounds.

Safety Note: Always make sure the regulator adjusting screw is in full out and off position before opening the oxygen cylinder. Keep all oxy-fuel equipment clean and absolutely free of grease, oil, and other petroleum-based substances.

The Little Torch Temperature Chart
Acetylene 5,900°F – 6,300°F 3,260°C – 3,482°C
Butane 4,995°F 2,757°C
MAPP® 5,300°F 2,926°C
Hydrogen 4,850°F 2,676°C
Natural Gas 4,600°F 2,537°C
Propane 4,780°F 2,637°C

All measurements are close approximations only and can vary slightly.

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  • Page 628

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