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New!Gem-Zoom U Smartphone Camera Attachment

Product Description

This Gem-Zoom U™ smartphone camera attachment provides crisp, clear pictures and videos of gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry. Its compact size and simplicity offer portability and versatility with images saved in the smartphone's folder for easy sharing.

The 2½-inch diameter camera attachment has a long clip fits onto most Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other Android smartphone models. Phone cases may need to be removed for a proper fit.

The 10X macro lens provides sharp closeups. A 0.65X wide-angle add-on lens that screws on top of the macro lens is also included.

The 12 LED lights provide a cool, bright light (5000K to 6000K) in 3 brightness levels to illuminate the item. The lithium polymer battery (5v 90mAh) provides about 25 to 45 minutes continuous use and recharges in about 15 minutes.

The kit includes the attachment, wide angle lens, lens cap, micro-USB charging cable, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, protective storage case, and instruction card.

Important! Because this item contains lithium batteries, it can only be shipped ground per 2017 FedEx & UPS shipping restrictions.

GemZoom Usage Guide

  • Before using GEM-ZOOM, it's recommended to take the cell phone out of its case to ensure a secure grasp on the phone and to avoid the image being blurry.
  • Clip the GEM-ZOOM directly over the cell phone camera.
  • Press the button the side to turn it on. Press once for soft intensity. Every other click of the button will increase the intensity of the light. There are three settings of light intensity.
  • Press the button a fourth time or hold the button down for two seconds to shutt off the device.
  • Keep your hands and the camera steady at all times. Tripods are highly recommended.
  • By using the built-in features on your phone, you can adjust exposure and brightness of the image.
  • Screw in the wide-angle lens to take pictures of larger items, such as coins, jewelry, and watches.
  • Fits most Android models and all iPhone models.
  • Plug in the provided USB cable to charge.
  • If the lens becomes dirty, wipe it with the provided microfiber cloth to avoid scratching.

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