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White Gold Karated Casting Grain

Product Description

The series GRN white gold karated casting grain is available in 10KT white gold, 14KT white gold, 14KT vanilla white gold, and 18KT white gold metals.

White gold casting grain is priced based on the London PM fix on the date of invoicing. You will be invoiced for the exact weight shipped.

Note: White gold casting grain is sold per pennyweight (dwt). One troy ounce of metal contains 20 dwt. Please order by dwt and not by grams. Casting grain is nonreturnable.

Series GRN (White) Details Chart
GRAIN 10W 14W 14CW
METAL 10KT White 14KT White 14KT Very White
ALLOY 930 930 Proprietary
MELT TEMP 1030°C–1040°C
QUENCH 10–12 minutes 10–12 minutes Red Button
GRAIN 14BW 18W 19W
METAL 14KT White
No Deoxidizers
18KT White 19KT Very White
ALLOY 880 930 Proprietary
MELT TEMP 1045°C–1060°C
QUENCH Do Not Quench 10–12 minutes Red Button

All measurements are close approximations only and can vary slightly.

The following additional information is available for this product:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request.

User manuals, data sheets, etc. are directly from the manufacturer unless noted otherwise.

Product Catalog Page

This product can be found in the Roseco Catalog XII book on:

  • Pages 288, 289

Note: Certain items shown may have been discontinued, and prices listed may have changed since the catalog's printing. Please use this online store, or call customer service for more up-to-date information.

Product Quantity Discounts

Item Quantity Discounts Chart
Quantity Discount
10+ 3%
20+ 5%
50+ 7%

The chart seen here displays the quantity discounts offered for this product.

Note: Any current sales prices will override the quantity discounts.

Be sure to take advantage of our quick-pay discount as well.

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