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Connoisseurs Lox Locking Ear Nuts Retail Card

Product Description

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The Connoisseurs® or Lox® locking ear nuts are available in gold tone durable stainless steel metal in a 4-piece retail blister card package.

These comfortable ear nuts feature a 6.4mm wide hypoallergenic white plastic base with a unique, one-of-a-kind, patented locking technology that allows the user to wear earrings without fear of losing them.

The strong, secure grip can easily lift a 5-pound weight and actually grips tighter if the earring is pulled. The ear nut automatically adjusts to ear post diameters from 0.5mm to 1.0mm and will lock at any depth, making it compatible with 99% of all stud earrings.

To fasten, simply simply slide on to secure ear nut. Then squeeze the metal clip to release the back and pull off.

Priced and sold per blister card package. Designed and made in Britain with a lifetime factory guarantee. The ear nuts have been tested to simulate 50 years of daily use (around 18,250 operations).

Important! Before wearing, always check that these ear nuts work on the earrings they are to be used with. When applied correctly, you should not be able to pull them off. Never squeeze the metal clip when applying. Do not force the ear nut onto the earring. They should slide on easily.

This item is discontinued. Available while supplies last.

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